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Dr.-Ing. Robil Daher

Universität Rostock, Institut für Informatik
Joachim-Jungius-Straße 9, D - 18059 Rostock
+49 (0)381 - 498 7543
+49 (0)381 - 498 7555




Organized Workshops

bullet NG-WANETs Workshop - The first international workshop on Next Generation Wireless Ad hoc Networks  (NG-WANETs 2009), St. Petersburg, Russia (12-14 Oct. 2009)
bullet Com4Cars Workshop - The first workshop on Vehicular Communication Networks in "Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania", Rostock, Germany (20.05.2009)

Established Communities

bullet Scientific Society for Interplanetary Communication (SSIC e.V.), a scientific society for studying and supporting research and development activities in the field of interplanetary communication and other forms of time-delayed communications in terrestrial networks.
bullet Routing Lexicon - Lexicon of Routing Protocols, a project/community for studying and classification of routing protocols and mechanisms in different fields and technologies. Join us!

Interesting Links

Organizations and Communities

Lists of Call for Papers (CFP)

bullet Call(s) for Papers on Wireless and Mobile Network Control, Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
bullet Call For Papers in Networking Research, Columbia University (USA)
bullet Call for Papers: Conferences and Journals on Networking, Distributed Systems, and Software, Institute of Information Science - Academia Sinica (Taiwan)


Scientific Writing

bullet Writing Technical Articles, Columbia University (USA)
bulletIEEE Organization
bulletIETF Organization
bullet ITU Organization


Delay Tolerated Networks (DTNs)

bullet Delay-Tolerant Networking Research Group (DTNRG)


Next Generation Network (NGN)

bulletNGN Initiative
bullet Information Society Technologies (IST)


4th Generation (4G) Mobile Communications

bullet 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)
bullet4G Forum
bullet UMTS Forum
bullet WiMAX Forum
bullet WiFi Alliance


Software Defined Radio (SDR)

bulletSDR Forum
bullet Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)
Internet www.robil-daher.de

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